ocean arms

Ramblings / Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

sea eyes and ocean arms

and a thousand waves crashing against your body

with nothing than a quiet cry and a loud sigh for help

to look after it and love it and cherish it

and all the things it does for you; to sustain you and carry you from a to b

from here to there

without resentment for the strain you put it under


you might do well to remember that bodies were not meant to be tied back,

and neither were oceans,

they are meant to be fervent and dancing under the stars

with strength and not a thought of being unworthy of the shell that contains them

but with a birth right of esteem for their body of water, and deep –


your heart contains seas of love for others

I pray one day a few drops find their way onto your own soil

so that lilies may grow in the nooks of your unloved parts

and that spring might erupt like a bed of flowers


everywhere you deemed unfit to be loved


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