There’s a German saying that goes: “No master has ever fallen from heaven”. That is very true for a lot of things. It is also true for writing.   365 days is a long time. In some ways, it seems like it was only yesterday that I wrote down my little list of new year’s […]

December 30, 2018

the girl in the hole

Short Stories

She had never been so cold before, in all her eight, short years of living. She couldn’t really wrap her head around the mind-freezing coldness that started to nestle itself into her very bones. The numbness was not all that uncomfortable, though, she almost liked the sleepiness of her feet, the tickling. It was so […]

December 23, 2018

home (again)


The last time I went to London, I was with my mum. We were staying at a nice hotel and London was just this dreamy city, this chunk of people and places and houses and stories that I was only allowed to visit on occasion, peek in for a short weekend before I had to […]

December 16, 2018



You are breathing fire, a phoenix risen from the embers reborn and yet the same as always; strong and dark and clever and good.   You are breathing fire because it has been spreading in your lungs a small spark planted there when you were born, feeding on all the small and big injustices that […]

December 9, 2018

the house

Short Stories

There are exactly nine ghosts in this house. They are all real, even though you cannot see them. On days where the sun warms the brown bricks of the stately home and her rays are breaking through the rounded high windows you can almost adumbrate them, each one in her window, an apparition paler than […]

December 2, 2018