I’ve always quite liked my name. Flora sounds like flowers and summer, and these are two things I love. At the same time, there’s nothing better to me than a cold, snowy winter’s day where I don’t need to go outside and I can drink tea en masse, curl up on the couch and read (or write, which this blog is for). So either I’m just a very indecisive person (which I am, truth be told) or I am someone who makes the best out of every situation (which I hope I am, truth be told).

That’s my name explained. On we go: I’m 23 years old, my biggest dream is to be a published author, my favourite flowers are dahlias, I love the word ‘limerence’, sometimes my own stories make me cry, my favourite tea is earl grey, I’m obsessed with buying books (& pretty book covers make me weak) and candles make everything better (especially vanilla scented ones). My short stories have found their way to the Literaturhaus Zürich, the Aargauer Literaturhaus Lenzburg, the MitSommerfest Frauenfeld, the KCL Creative Writing Society Anthology 2019, the “Schweizerische Erzählnacht Arbon” and the Junge Texte Thurgau Festival.

I hope you enjoy reading these little stories as much as I enjoy writing them.