the maker of time

Short Stories / Sunday, November 4th, 2018

He was the maker of many things but most of all he made time. Time for the things that mattered most, like his grandchildren, his cooking, his writing.

The art of making time was quite a complicated business, involving a lot of physics and mechanics and all sorts of matters that required a ready mind. His great-great-grandfather had been the first to find the formula and since then it has been passed down from generation to generation and finally, to him. Its secrets were all bound up in a leather notebook that kept expanding, for every new discovery he made in the science of time-making, a new leaf appeared in the notebook. And even though there were many discoveries to be made, he’d always say that the one thing vital for someone in the time-maker’s trade was precision. You could not make time without it, essential as it was to the core of the matter.

And as he was a precise man, and a loving one, he kept making time until the end of his days.

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