the elsewhere of ‘a’

Ramblings / Sunday, August 5th, 2018

In space, any possible event can be placed into three classes; events after a certain event A (from which light emanates in ever-growing circles, building a light cone) and events before that event A which are in the inverted “past” light cone leading to A. And then there’s the third, called the elsewhere of A. It is an event which is not in any of those light cones, and thus not in any way concerned with the event A and the subsequent emanation of light from it.

I love that idea transferred on us human-beings. A place called the elsewhere. A place in yourself that remains unharmed from an event in your past or your future which lies heavy on you, from a burden or a difficult situation. It is a scientific expression “the elsewhere of A”. Anything that is not here, anything untouched and unaltered by this specific event A.

It means so much hope for healing and better days to come.

Bildergebnis für stephen hawking light cone

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