if this makes you feel better then I wrote it for you

Ramblings / Sunday, February 18th, 2018

you are more than the parts of your sum

more than all the cells that make up this body of yours

because you keep them together

with your quick wit

and your ability to make someone laugh who feels like crying

and your persistence to always see the good in others


you are more than what you allow yourself to think

out of fear of boastfulness,

or judgment

with your deep-set eyes and your inevitable always-smile


you are more than they ever told you you were

because it made them feel better to keep you dependent on their approval

with your caring hand and your loving heart

you are your own beautiful completeness,

a perfect sum of all the lovely and unlovely parts,

which you deserve to be loved for

if not by anyone else,

then surely by you

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