Ramblings / Sunday, June 27th, 2021

when I was feeling homesick,

on a beach at dusk, with the sound of waves lapping up to the shore, half a world away from the life I used to know,

in a place that was so similar yet so different, with unfamiliar faces around me and humid air that I was not used to yet,

there was one thought that consoled me –

no matter where I am, the people I love, back in the place I call home, will always see the same moon as I can see right now, a silver crescent over the waves, or the fields, or the trees, or the roofs, or the plains.

it only occurred to me once I was safe and sound back home that whenever I had seen the moon, it had been hidden in plain sight on this other side of the world.

so either symbols mean nothing or everything, I’m not quite decided yet.

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